Season 1 Trailer

Episode 1

The Aledo Way

Episode 2

Facing Tradition

Episode 3

Dillon's Destiny

Episode 4

This One's For Trenten

Episode 5

The Importance of Being Ernest

Episode 6

The Backup Plan

Episode 7

United They Stand

Episode 8

The Spirit of Aledo

Episode 9

Playing it Forward

Episode 10

Letter of Intent

Episode 11

The House that Buc Built

Episode 12

The Sound of Aledo

Episode 13

The Last Dance

Episode 14

They Call Him Big Game James

Episode 15

The Best Defense

Episode 16

Thankful for Playoff Football

Episode 17

Cowboy Up

Episode 18

'Six Seconds' to State

Episode 19

Titletown, Texas

Episode 20

Epilogue: Always A Bearcat

Episode 4

Operation beat Millsaps

Episode 3

First and Long

Episode 2

Starting Over

Episode 1

Resurrecting the Rams


Season 2 Trailer